Melbourne’s iconic arts precinct is dominated by the spire on the roof of the Arts Centre Melbourne Theatres building. Together with the recently re-developed Hamer Hall, this building houses 3 Theatres specifically designed and built to host performing arts shows from small intimate performances to Large scale productions.

Lumicom have a very important role in the on-going support and maintenance of the Audio Visual facilities in the Theatres Building and Hamer Hall. From Front of House Paging in the Theatres Building, to live performance audio for the dressing rooms and performers themselves, the systems we support and maintain are very important to the overall experience for visitors, staff and performers. It’s safe to say that if you hear or see something at The Arts Centre then it’s Lumicom’s ability to support and maintain these systems that keeps it going.

Lumicom are very happy to announce that we have recently signed an agreement to extend our support of this wonderful Melbourne institution on into 2013 and hopefully beyond.

Arts Centre Melbourne