Our Philosophy

Lumicom’s directors have defined core principles that drive all business activities and operations. These core principles are demonstrated by all Lumicom employees.

Quality approach at all levels

Quality in all aspects of our business will continue to drive exceptional outcomes for our clients. From the quality of the components we use, through to the design, support services and documentation we provide to our clients, Lumicom’s goal is to be considered the best of the best by our clients and peers.

Integrity and honesty in all business dealings

Our business is built on strong, enduring relationships with clients, specifiers, suppliers and contractors. Honest communication at all levels and by all staff is considered key to this principle. Lumicom will endeavour to be as reliable and easy to deal with as possible.

Focus on staff involvement, training and welfare

Our staff are our lifeline, and considered more important than anything else in our business. Training, consideration and a sense of ownership in our business are key to providing a supportive and enjoyable work environment. Knowledgeable, honest and hard working staff ensure our clients and suppliers will continue to want to work with Lumicom into the future.


Sustainability can mean many things, however, Lumicom’s belief is that our designs and installations should be efficient, cost effective, reliable and easy to maintain. Our goal is to provide sustainable outcomes in both energy consumption and design lifespan.