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The AV and IT services industries are constantly evolving with new technologies, features and solutions. Due to this, there is often a gap in knowledge between how the new solutions and older solutions communicate with each other or can be used most efficiently. Through a partnership with Lumicom we can ensure you and your customers experience seamless integration across emerging and traditional IT and AV services. We provide you and your customers with peace of mind that their AV systems are always running smoothly and most effectively.

We can help you with the AV services that’s outside your control or expertise. Since 2011, the Lumicom team have been setting new standards in the application of audio visual, IT technologies and digital signage solutions. Our team is skilled in both traditional and emerging AV and IT technologies, giving us the ability to deliver projects no one else can. Learn more about the team.

A joint partnership allows customers to optimise their unified communications and accompanying audio visual systems. We’re able to help you design and implement sophisticated meeting room and boardroom technology with integrated video conferencing using Teams, Zoom and backend IT services. We can provide remote monitoring of all AV services.

Our services include:

Here at Lumicom we desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of applying integrity and focus on high customer service for all our solutions. We welcome the opportunity for strategic IT partnerships.

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