AusNet Services Boardroom Upgrades


The AusNet team are seeing an exponential improvement in the effectiveness of their boardroom meetings since their Video Conferencing upgrade. Lumciom worked with our partner, Jasco Consulting, to provide AusNet a flexible and simple user experience for their meeting rooms and conference spaces.


Due to the increased reliance on Video Conference technology, AusNet needed a more reliable and stable Video Conferencing system for their meetings in the main boardrooms at the Freshwater Place office. AusNet staff had significant meeting inefficiencies with their old and outdated boardroom technology.

The system simply could not keep up with the pace and complexities of modern meetings. Beyond frustrations of the technology not working effectively, incorrect technology choices can also open opportunities for security risks. AusNet found their outdated Video Conferencing (VC) systems were becoming increasingly electronically incompatible with each other, which made technical equipment complicated to set up and use. A complex meeting scheduling process and an inefficient meeting log in method meant that the technology slowed down the pace of the business and exacerbated mistakes.

AusNet found their old table microphones produced poor audio quality which made for unproductive meetings. Their old VC platform caused common problems such as low-bandwidth error and poor video quality.


Our integrated solutions have dramatically increased the ease and productivity of their meetings. We upgraded their displays from two 75” to a single 98”, removed the table microphones and installed a single Shure ceiling microphone solution that is Dante enabled. The inefficient VC Platform was removed and replaced with a Crestron Flex UC and a high-quality POLY EagleEye Director II camera array. The existing Crestron Control System was then reprogrammed to incorporate the new functionality. A Crestron AM200 wireless presentation gateway was also installed, to improve user interaction with the system. Additionally, we provided staff training and User Guides for the upgraded system.

The new Crestron VC platform introduced Microsoft Teams ‘one-touch join’ meeting integration along with Zoom and Webex conference calling using Microsoft services. The camera array and the upgraded microphone system is shared via USB with laptops connected at the table and a rack mounted Room PC. This solution caters for walk up soft codec VC sessions and more. The solution looks very similar to the previous system, with 2 cameras at the front of the room. Along with the VC components, we also updated the existing DSP to allow for a standard phone handset Interfaced via the headset jack. This can then be used to dial-in additional phones as required with the DSP providing audio bridging so that all participants can hear and be heard by all participants.

To expand on the existing room functionality, we reprogrammed the existing Crestron Switcher. This provided the ability to switch the new sources to the large LCD and back to the Crestron Flex UC as the content source in any combination. 

Our integration of the Concierge Displays ACMG10 room booking panel gives the AusNet team an easy visualisation of the room’s availability from a distance. Staff and visitors can book the room on the touch display and report room feature faults.


The modern solutions integrated into the AusNet office has made their Video Conferencing technology more functional, robust and user friendly. The capabilities of the newer technology and IT infrastructure enables sophisticated Video Conferencing with tools such as cameras and microphones that automatically zoom in and out to focus on people who are speaking. The smarter boardrooms allow the team to work better and achieve more with seamless video conferencing tools, making collaboration in the workplace simple and enjoyable.

Together with our ICT partner, Jasco Consulting, we continue to provide ongoing support offsite and onsite for the AusNet team. We continue to provide converged support, not simply just brand and devices.


Boardroom Upgrades
Customer: AusNet Services
Partner: Jasco Consulting
Location: Freshwater Place office, Melbourne
Industry: Corporate


  • 98” Samsung LCD Display
  • Shure ceiling microphone
  • Dante
  • Crestron Flex UC
  • POLY EagleEye Director Camera II
  • Reprogrammed Crestron Control System
  • Crestron AM200 Wireless presentation gateway
  • Reprogrammed Crestron Control
  • One-touch join meeting integration
    with Zoom and Webex conference calling
  • Updated existing DSP
  • Dante
  • Crestron Flex UC
  • POLY EagleEye Director Camera II
  • Concierge Displays ACMG10 Room Booking panel