Arts Centre Melbourne’s front of house paging system

The iconic Arts Centre Melbourne has been hosting events and shows in Melbourne since the 1970’s. Lumicom was asked to design, supply and install a new Front of House paging and background music system to replace the existing system installed in the early 2000’s.

This sounds straight forward until you hear the catch. The venue was going to continue to operate as usual while this upgrade took place. That meant that the system swap-over had to be staged and managed so that all services were still operating for all shows. The longest break between shows was 3 days.

Lumicom replaced 6 equipment racks and 18 touch screens over a 3 month period across 3 venues and 10 event / public spaces without any outages or changes to the normal operation. This was completed using a mix of good design, planning and user training. Obviously it also took a good deal of physical work over a few nights as well.