Collingwood Football Club Digital Media Upgrade


The Collingwood Football Club, a leading team in the Australian Football League (AFL), embarked on a digital media upgrade to enhance their engagement with fans globally. Recognizing the need for rapid content delivery, the club implemented NewTek’s 3Play® 3P2 system, transforming their video production capabilities.


Collingwood’s digital media team faced challenges in producing and distributing high-quality video content quickly to keep up with the fast pace of live sports events. Their existing system was outdated and inefficient, limiting their ability to provide instant replays and highlights to their extensive fan base across various social media platforms.


Lumicom, specialising in network integrated AV control systems, was enlisted to upgrade Collingwood’s digital media suite. The introduction of NewTek’s 3Play® 3P2, a turnkey video editing solution, allowed the club to streamline their content creation process. The system’s advanced features enabled the production of branded highlights reels, instant replays, and rapid-fire video clips, significantly improving the quality and speed of content delivery.


The upgrade involved redesigning the editing space to accommodate a more collaborative workflow, allowing multiple operators to work simultaneously. The 3Play® 3P2 system was integrated to capture live TV broadcasts and render clips in real-time, equipped with a user-friendly control panel for efficient operation. This system facilitated the swift creation and distribution of engaging video content to Collingwood’s social media channels and website.


The implementation of the 3Play® 3P2 system revolutionised Collingwood Football Club’s approach to fan engagement:

Increased Efficiency: The editing process was significantly accelerated, enabling the club to be first in releasing game highlights and replays.

Enhanced Fan Experience: Instant access to game action helped in building stronger connections with fans, increasing loyalty and engagement across digital platforms.

Improved Workflow: The upgraded digital media suite allowed for a more ergonomic and efficient content creation process.

Cost-Effective: The efficiency gains and enhanced fan engagement offered by the 3Play® 3P2 system resulted in considerable time and resource savings for the club.


Luke Winzar, Collingwood’s Digital Media Manager, praised the 3Play® 3P2 system for its impact on game days, stating, “It enables us to be responsive in the moment, and control our own destiny. We’re often the first to release game highlights and replays, and this is very important to our fans. The 3Play® 3P2 system has been great value for the money, saving us tons of work and a lot of money while raising our visibility on social platforms.”


The Collingwood Football Club’s digital media upgrade, featuring NewTek’s 3Play® 3P2, exemplifies how integrating advanced technology can significantly enhance fan engagement and streamline content production processes. This project has set a benchmark in the sports entertainment industry, showcasing the potential of innovative solutions to transform digital media strategies.


Digital Media Upgrade
Customer: Collingwood Football Club
Location: Melbourne Olympic Park 


  • NewTek 3Play 1 Video Editing System
  • NewTek ProTek High for 3Play 3P1 with Control SurfacE