Lumicom Zoom Rooms

Run or join video meetings, control room lighting, air conditioning and more with a tap of a button. We have designed four packages for Zoom enabled rooms and one completely portable solution for your convenience.

Ideal for Zoom enabled huddle spaces, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, and training rooms management. Use one surface controller, the Nodel 10” Touch Screen, to run or join video meetings and more through the tap of a button. The intelligent surface device controls all AV devices such as the LCD, camera, microphone plus other room features and equipment such as lighting, blinds and air conditioning for any Zoom enabled rooms.

We offer one streamlined native integration through the software, Nodel, instead of a clunky AV touchscreen and Zoom Rooms controller app device. The panel allows you to join Zoom Meetings directly from existing conference room systems, such as Polycom equipment. For extra support, Lumicom also offers monitoring service for all your rooms remotely via our inhouse standard Nodel on-line secure dashboard.

All packages have high quality products for easy user experience. Contact the team for pricing today. 

Phone: +61 3 9005 1918

Our Packages

The Zoom solutions packages are:

  • Package 1 – The Huddle Space
  • Package 2 – Meeting Room
  • Package 3 – VC Room
  • Package 4 – Large room

Our portable solution package:

  • Zoom Trolley Solution

Our mobile solution offers a seamless and portable Video Conferencing experience. This convenient solution is completely battery powered. The portable solution is ideal for community centres, education facilities, hospitals and aged care centres. This mobile solution does not require to plugged into a power source.