Simplot’s Ulverstone production plant in Tasmania is home to Australia’s favourite chips, BirdsEye.

Recently, a fresh new 2 level administration office was built. Lumicom was contracted to install the audio visual requirements in this building in several rooms. One of the requirements was a video conferencing room.

Most video conferencing rooms have an equipment rack or purpose built joinery to house the video codec and any other audio visual equipment. Lumicom has developed a system where all the VC equipment is located behind the monitors thereby removing the requirement for the room to have specific joinery or an AV rack.

The LUM-VCRAVM1 module is pre-populated with the equipment needed for the VC system which comprises of the Cisco codec, Extron IPL T S2 controller, Altinex DA1926AV VGA DA and where specific VGA cable is not present from the floor box to the VC AV module, a Magenta AK600DP VGA over UTP receiver. The module is pre-cabled with braided looms running to each LCD monitor. Mitsubishi MDT LCD modules are used with wall brackets that have been selected to allow the module to neatly fit between. The LCD’s are then free to slide together, covering the equipment, or moved apart for servicing.

The Extron controller has been programmed to provide monitoring and automatic control of the LCD’s and VC codec. When the VC codec is in standby, the LCD’s are switched to the VGA input, allowing them to turn on and off when a VGA source is connected and disconnected. When the Codec is turned on by picking up its remote control, the system automatically selected the HDMI input on both screens to enable Video Conferencing. In this way, the room can be used in 2 modes without any need for a separate user interface or touch screen.

Aesthetically, this is a good solution as the only AV equipment visible in the room is the 2 monitors and VC camera. No need for an equipment rack in the corner of a room or in a cupboard.

Another advantage of this type of setup is servicing. In the event of a power supply or device failure the monitors are simply slid outwards to reveal the module which can be serviced without being removed. No devices are crammed behind the monitors which make for poor installations. Installation time is also kept at a minimum where 2 experienced installers can have the room completely installed in around 6 hours. The LUM-VCRAVM1 kit comprises of the VC AV module, Cisco Camera, 2 x Mitsubishi monitors, monitor brackets, AV wall and floor box plates, fasteners and detailed bracket mounting instructions in the event this is to be installed by other contractors.

Simplot Conferencing Unit

Simplot Conferencing Unit