AV Essentials for returning back to the office Webinar

Covid-19 has changed the way we’ve worked this year. Even with the relaxation of restrictions in Australia, many workplaces have continued the hybrid working environment model. Those working from home employees may now be splitting time between the house and the office.

Although many of us have adapted to working from home, there is no replacement for the collaborative environment of the office. But here at Lumicom, we’ve realised the need to rethink the way the office supports its returned occupants in the new Covid safe environment.

Our adaptable team have created the solutions necessary to support you returning to the office. The solutions give you the ability to rapidly change the layout and function of spaces. As more information about health and safety related policies must be communicated and implemented, we are using the flexibility of AV to do it.

We keep up to date with the latest technology and services to ensure that you are getting the very best solutions for a safe and contactless environment. Our scalable solutions can suit small, medium and large offices. In our Webinar event we will cover these important services and products for a safe working environment:

  • Digital signage to communicate important information such as social distancing rules and a rotating roster
  • Occupancy sensors for people counting to adhere to social distancing
  • Robust video conferencing solutions for reliable meetings
  • Contact free meeting room bookings using QR codes on room booking displays
  • Hot desk booking for flexible and stable working environment
  • InfraRed temperature checks to scan staff and visitors
  • Streaming Cameras

.. and more!

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