Lend Lease goes full HD

Last month Lumicom provided consultation and AV services for an upgrade to the extensive Audio Visual Facilities at the Lend Lease Docklands facility called ‘The Gauge’. This facility is the first private sector commercial development to achieve a 6 star Green Star rating. In keeping with design and functionality required in such an environment, Lumicom provided some simple upgrades to a system that’s been in place for a number of years.

With more and more detail required in modern presentations in particular design and architectural, Lumicom supplied and installed an NEC NP-PA500UG Full HD 5000 ANSI lumen projector into the boardroom. The results are stunning with a large bright image showing the intricate details required for building plans and the fine details required for high level presentations and events.

Along with the boardroom, Lumicom also upgraded the control system in the ‘Green Room’. This is a very flexible meeting and presentation space that offers an open and engaging feel for both planned events and every day meetings and discussions. The new control system utilises an Extron IPCP 505 IP Link controller and a TLP 1000MV touch panel connected to the controller via LAN. The Extron IP Link and Touch Link products offer flexible network aware solutions to any control system application.

The new user interface is simple to use with a familiar look and feel based on the graphic design provided by Lumicom. We expect the new projector and control system to provide simple and reliable operation well into the future.

Lend Lease

Lend Lease