The Collingwood Football Club is one of the largest sporting clubs in Australia and is situated in the Westpac Centre in the heart of Melbourne’s sporting precinct. As the club continues to go from strength to strength, they are redeveloping their management, training and supporter facilities.

As part of this expansion and redevelopment, Lumicom were asked to provide a video distribution system that will cope with future demands and grow with the club and the requirements for sports science. The first phase of this system was recently installed and commissioned and included a Haivision IPTV system to allow FTA and 4 in-house channels of HD video to be distributed anywhere in the building using the IP infrastructure.

IPTV is the new must have when planning new or redeveloped video distribution infrastructure because it offers a high degree of flexibility and rapid response to changes in video technology in the future.

Lumicom have provided a system that distributes all of the Melbourne FTA digital TV stations as well as 4 channels of HD in-house channels for Collingwood TV and other services.

Westpac Centre